12 Feb Chocolate Love Bites

What you need: 3/4 c coconut oil 1 c  cacao (raw chocolate) 1/2 c  maple syrup 1/4 c  hazelnuts (filberts) finely chopped 1/4 c  goji berries, soaked in warm water for 10 min & finely chopped 1/4 c  shredded coconut   What you do: To make your  own chocolate, I find it's best to...

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16 Oct Super Balls

These balls filled with Super Powers!  Literally. I made these balls one afternoon to satisfy a little chocolate craving and to fuel my tank. I threw a bunch of raw super foods from Truly Organic Foods that I have in my pantry together with some coconut...

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22 Sep Muesli

OVERNIGHT MUESLI The key to muesli is to think about your breakfast the night before as it requires to be soaked overnight.  You’ll be consuming the oats, nuts and seeds in their raw state for better & easier absorption.  This recipe is chaulked full of fiber,...

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