Author: Sharlene Styles

16 May Food Allergies vs. Sensitivities

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? ALLERGY SENSITIVITY immune response to antigen immune response to antigen involves IgE involves IgG immediate – within an hour delayed reaction – hours to days obvious symptoms subtle symptoms not common very common similar symptoms varying symptoms generally non-reversible can evolve at any age; reversible well recognized by medical science       starting to be recognized by medical science   Food...

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16 Sep What Moms of Daughters Need to Know About Boobs

PRECOCIOUS PUBERTY: WHAT MOMS OF DAUGHTERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BOOBS I recently heard an interview on CBC’s radio program The Current, with Florence Williams, author of Breasts: a Natural and Unnatural History. Obviously, it was fascinating. Williams was discussing how our environment has impacted the health...

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